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Advanced Energy Medicine in Sequim, WA

We have entered the age of Quantum Healing. Finally through the aid of modern technology we have proof that ancient wisdom was correct. Our body is energy and our Fascia (literally the glue that holds us together) is the conductor and communicator of that energy. It is only through the release of Fascial restrictions and an increased flow of vital energy that we can get relief from pain. Keri has been called "a gifted healer...a therapist that truly listens to you and your body's wisdom to help facilitate healing on a deep level."


Wow! One Myofacial Release session with Keri provided true, lasting relief of pain and tension. I've spent a fortune on massage through the years and my pain and tension would return in a couple days, yet I went weeks without symptoms returning after one MFR session. I had no idea this treatment existed and now I understand why massage alone would never last. Life changing and mind blowing! - Christine H. - Sequim, Washington

I was suffering with chronic back and hip pain when I went to see Keri. She told me she could help relieve the pain by doing "Myofascial therapy," that would release the tension in my hips and back. I was hoping for some relief, but I got complete relief! I couldn't believe it! The next day it was completely gone! And the relief has lasted for years! - Marina J. - Santa Clarita, CA

About Keri Campbell

Keri Campbell is an inspiring speaker, teacher and a true modern day alchemist of Complementary Medicine therapies. Honestly, no fancy words needed...she puts her hands on you and you feel better. She is a licensed Massage Therapist that is certified in both Craniosacral and Myofascial Release. Keri is also a qualified nutritional counselor and an Usui Reiki Master that works with the Human Energy Field and in turn, it’s effects on the physical body. 

In addition to bodywork Keri also teaches group and private yoga and was once the yoga instructor to Olympic Athletes at the training center in Colorado Springs CO. Her unique combination of therapies is truly on the forefront of Energy Medicine and has lead her to much success in helping people get out of pain both physically and emotionally by treating the whole person from heart to toe.